About Us

Aromsa Abroad

Aromsa’s geographical location gives us the chance to get to know and analyze natural tastes. Today, Aromsa products are being used in over 20 countries around the globe. Aromsa’s unique flavours and sauces add value and taste to food products sold in many parts of the world.

With its flexible production system equipped with the highest technology and creative personnel, Aromsa follows closely the world food industry and new developments, and is able to provide its clients, in a short period of time, with the flavours that will meet their market expectations.

Our clients get fast and quality service through our offices and agencies in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, Middle East and North Africa.

Local and international food producers operating in our country prefer Aromsa products because of the rich product line and technical support that we provide our clients.

Aromsa’s production conforms with international standards and our goal is to expand our market share in coming years, without making any concessions in our product and service qualities.