About Us

Quality and Food Safety Policy

As a prominent establishment both in the domestic and international markets, our goal is to regard our business partners’ demands first and foremost, to be punctual, and in compliance with the food safety management system in our production of food flavours, sauces and additives. To make sure that our products are, during the conception, development and production phases, in compliance with the Turkish Food Codex, the E.U., and upon request, the local regulations of countries where our products are being used, as well as the food safety policies of our business partners, and to ensure that our production is highly productive and cost-efficient. To be able to prevent and manage any hazards in food safety during the process from the preparation to the consuming phase, we will ensure the efficent and dynamic control of these hazards, and will provide consistency. Our principle throughout all our departments is, “Quality and Food Safety is Everyone’s Concern”, following this motto ensures continuity of our improvement and development, as well as minimizing the risks that might emanate because of hazards caused by food safety violations. Through our scrupulous and contemporary management perception, we; cultivate committed employees dedicated to problem solving; continuously organize training sessions to help develop quality and food safety consciousness; give our employees assignments, authority and responsibilities regarding quality and food safety, and knowing that quality can only be attained by employees who love their workplace and enjoy their work, we aim to keep employee satisfaction at the highest level.