About Us

Our Mission

“To create high technology value-added flavours that will meet the needs of our clients by encouraging employee satisfaction and participation, to provide punctual and effective service, to ensure growth without compromising from quality, to contribute to national economy and to be committed to our social responsibilities.”

Our Vision

“To be the first solution partner that comes to mind in all corners of the globe where we have expanded our services to.”

Our Values

  • Honesty : We exhibit adaptive behaviors with our values and principles in all of our relations. We act honestly to ourselves and to our environment. What we say and do are in compliance. We unconditionally comply with determined and individually undertaken ethical rules without reserve. As AROMSA people, we believe that honesty is the determinant in creating an institutional culture by being based on the mutual trust.
  • Rationalism : We attach importance to rationalism and see it as the critical success factor. In decisions and behaviors, we adopt an approach based on the data and analyses rather than being based on organizational roles or experience. As the employee of AROMSA, we believe in being rational in all approaches in the company instead of acting emotional.
  • Continuous Improvement : On the way leading to excellence, we believe continuous improvement understanding is driving power. We adopt the continuous improvement approach in all processes by way of paying attention to the feedbacks coming from the stakeholders starting with the customer. As the employee of AROMSA, we develop all approaches in the company with the understanding of 'Plan, Apply, Control and Take Measure.'
  • Responsibility : Our employees embrace all activities and duties in the scope of all activities they take place with the stand point of improving and developing. We make efforts in the direction of having conclusion to give satisfactory result for the assumed duty. As the employee of AROMSA, we adopt the understanding to have responsibility to each other for all persons assigned for the duty.
  • Customer Awareness : Within total quality approach, we pay attention to internal and external customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. With the purpose of providing customer satisfaction and loyalty, we have the conscious to design and execute all processes and activities in the way to meet the requests and expectations of the customers. As the employee of AROMSA, we know that requests and expectations of the customers is the most important determinant in the strategic positioning of the establishment.